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An easy and cost-effective way to transform your furniture!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

We've all been there, out shopping and find something you *think* you like and you're staring at it and you're thinking theres something not quite right about this. Small details can make or break how something looks to us. maybe it was an ugly button on a jumper or the zip colour was a funny colour.

These small details are just (fortunately) easily changed and can totally transform that item of clothing or in this case we're going to touching on drawer pulls & handles. Most the time, when you're shopping for furniture the chances are the pulls & handles caught your eye first and stands out.

Upgrading your handles is one of the easiest ways to makeover your furniture and give it some sass!

Lets take a quick look at a transformation below from just a basic piece of Ikea

Photo credit: @ana.myhomedetails

So this is from the range Malm in Ikea, we all recognise, we've all probably had them at some point in our lives and ok, granted you may need to get the ol' drill out to make holes in this case but most drawers will have holes already in making it so so simple to just do a little switch-a-roo with some new stylish handles making your furniture look gorge and expensive!

But lets not just stop at chest of drawers or any drawer. We can venture into the kitchen too! Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets ... anywhere to give your room a unique chic touch.

You can mix it up, keep the top two the same and the rest plain, zig zag them or all the same. Kinda the fun part about it, YOU choose what YOU want and design it in your own unique way and taste!

Upcycle Hong Kong are launching their own range of carefully picked out drawer pulls & handles! stay tunes and subscribe to our newsletter for updates!


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