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Save the jar! 15 ways to upcycle & reuse your jars

At some point in our grocery shop, there is normally a glass jar floating around, maybe it was the jalapeños, the peanut butter, the jam or the baby food. All different sizes but the chances are there’s a glass jar somewhere in your home. Do you normally throw it away? Let's take a look at some ways we can reduce the waste and reuse!

1. Simple Tealight Table Decor

Okay, so this literally must be the easiest and quickest way to upcycle a jar, zero effort required (unless you have a stubborn sticky label to wash off!) I quite like it plain but of course, you can wrap some string or lace around the jar to jazz it up. Great for outdoor candle holders too & dinner parties! I also quite like the idea of pebble stones or sand at the botton of the jar. Get creative!

2. Light Feature

This is kinda a fave! So, if you can be a little handy in the electrics department (perhaps if you know someone who can give a helping hand) Saying that, you could use a regular already fitted light fitted and custom design as a standard light shade in effect! So gorgeous above a kitchen island or dining area.

3. Soap Dispenser & Bathroom Accessories

Choosing any colour theme you want to match your decor, paint or spray the jars & drill a hole in the lid large enough for a pump, pumps could be from an old soap dispenser you've used before (again can be sprayed!) or they are pretty easy to find on amazon, ebay, aliexpress and most crafty stores!

4. Overnight Oats!

Overnight Oats are a great way to start the day and so so easy to prep the night before! This goes without saying that the jars can be used as any food container such as salads, nuts, fruits and many other snacks and small meals!

5. Drinking Glass

How cute? and for any occasion! Summers day, birthday parties, bbq's ... and sometimes we don't wanna bring out our best glassware! and plastic cups? well... we're trying our best to avoid those.

6. Jar Lamp

This is quite the large jar however, a small jar with a smaller shade would be pretty for a bed side table, in this pic the jar had been filled with shells from the beach, but again sand, pebbles, or painted on the outside, lace, string... anything goes!

7. Hot Chocolate Gift

Sweet like chocolate! These little hot chocolate jars are so perfect for a gift on a winters day.

8. Kitchen Storage Solution

So, by placing a magnetic loop or strip underneath your cabinet you can create more space in your kitchen. Pretty nice idea for those of us with smaller kitchens especially!

9. Herb Oil Infuser

Yum! How amazing would this smell too when cooking? I think Basil or Rosemary would be my fave!

10. Homemade Cleaners

Check out these toilet lemon fizzes! with just a few ingredients such as ½ cup baking soda,¼ cup citric acid, 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil, 10-15 spritz of water from spray bottle. They make a great chemical free cleaner. Save your orange & lemon peels and look into making an all purpose cleaner with vinegar & peels.

11. Eco Re-fill Stores

It may not be the solution to all our grocery needs however, re-fillable stores are such a great way to not only reduce your waste in how much you consume but your waste in packaging. To be honest, this whole less packaging is kinda nice not having to take the bins out every 5 minutes! (okay okay, exaggeration but still!)

12. Small Flower Vase

We can all appreciate that flowers can brighten up a home, fresh or fake (I've actually gotten into faux flowers recently and kinda lovin' it) It's always nice once in a while to have a lovely fresh batch though!

13. Succulents

Basically an indestructible plant, with such minimal care and responsibility, these DIY jar succulents are perfect for some chic decor around the home along with a few benefits such as to help purify the air and dehumidify the home.

14. Oil Reed Diffuser

Why not keep reusing the same jar? I have been guilty before now to just throw away my diffuser once finished with it but I now often just re-fill the jar and keep the sticks, although you can replace those too for next to nothing! Kinda nice to keep a few oil scents of your choice and just top up with a little water.

15. Jams, Pickles & Chutneys

Last buy certainly not least, re-use your jars for what they most likely used for in the first place! Homemade jams, relish, chutney, pickled peppers ... anything! Reminds me, I have made a delicious chilli jam in a while ... brb!

Tag us on instagram on @upcyclehongkong for any ways that you re-use your jars!


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