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Spruce up your HK Balcony!

We're going to take a look at some ideas on how we can upcycle and turn what little outdoor space in Hong Kong we may have to chic relaxing area

For some, private outdoor space in Hong Kong is a luxury and for those who have it will likely have a small balcony, a terrace, a roof top or living further out perhaps a garden. These few ideas and inspirations will apply to all and hopefully get the creative juices flowing to make small transformations to enjoy your outdoor living space that little bit more whilst the weather is cooling down and is just perfect!

1. Crates!

I personally often see crates thrown out on the streets, ready for collection for disposal. You may even receive one or two when having a large delivery. Keep an eye out if any are near by you, delivered with furniture or even posted online for free pick up. They have many uses, let's look at at couple:

Another example also showcased in the very first picture, piled up for a comfy seating area. Depending on your design and how little or large your area is, you could make a modular sofa too! I would give it a sand down, perhaps a lick of paint to freshen it up (or keep it wood & varnish for durability) and grab some old cushions, blankets or if you're feeling up for it sewing your own custom cushion pad. There are also a few seamstresses around Hong Kong that could help you sew a custom size pad and choice of fabric.

Same goes for this coffee table, this requires no tools, screws or drilling (unless you want to secure it!) Keep it rustic or again, freshen it up. I would always recommend a varnishing coat to waterproof as much as possible. The good thing about these is that you can cut it down to size to suit you!

These are a slightly different type of crate or box but are also often thrown away or given away for free. I also love the idea of a hole in the middle to put a plant in, a candle, some pebbles, stones, a reed diffuser or even a wine bucket. Plenty of storage around the edges, so inexpensive and just a few screws (yes, drilling, you got this!) to secure and decorated as suits you! stencilling anyone?

2. Old Drawers!

So lets move onto giving some plants a cosy home, how about some old drawers? moving furniture around can often result in an broken set of drawers that you just aren't willing to repair but the drawers can be so useful! (even if large enough, I've thought of a dog bed with lots of comfy blankets in it!) Today, we're looking into the idea of planters.

This particular drawer has just simply had two little plants placed inside. I would recommend that small holes are drilled in the bottom of the drawer and perhaps also varnished to prevent rotting.

3. Old Ladders!

Give an old ladder, a little TLC, some panels of wood cut to size and there you go! An outdoor shelf! I wouldn't just restrict this to plants. Could hold some party supplies at a bbq, candles, gardening equipment and so on! I would actually be tempted (with the correct finishings to have something rather similar inside the apartment!)

If space is an issue for this one then just lean it against the wall and with some hooks you will be able to hang your plants!

4. Cans!

I would go as far to say and assume that most people have canned goods at home and end up throwing them away! Why not give them a rinse, use a hammer and nail in some holes and a paint of your choice resulting in a cute little lantern for outside? free and easy to do! little accessories for outside can get quite expensive, this way you can do a few and make a theme of it! perhaps use some decorated cans as a vase filling with some pebbles and flowers.

5. General Upcycling!

Lastly, take a look around at what you have, maybe that ugly ol bench could just do with some TLC, check out if friends or family or throwing out anything that you feel have potential. Get in touch with Upcycle Hong Kong for furniture painting, redecoration or just some advice for inside and outside the home.

Come over and join us on Instagram / Facebook on @upcyclehongkong and tag us in any upcycling you do!


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