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Upcycle DIY: Halloween Decorations!

With Halloween coming up, the amount of plastic and waste we see with decorations can be crazy, the cost and disposal is even worse. We've put together just a few ideas that you can either upcycle what you have or DIY. Let's take a look...

1. Yarn Pumpkins

Starting off with some good ol' pumpkin love, these cute DIY yarn pumpkins just require a few bis and bobs. grab yourself some wool, PVA glue, some balloons & a paint brush.

The whole article with instructions courtesy of check it out! I feel like you could make these big or small and use either for outside the front door, hanging, table decoration or even pop in some battery powered little tea lights and make a garland!

Talking of garlands...

2. Pumpkin Garland!

Well, if you have some yarn left over from the pumpkin above then give these a try! so simple, require little to no tools (maybe a pair or scissors!) full article on how to:

3. Mummy Jars!

I know, I know, talking about jars AGAIN but see, they just pop up everywhere, don't throw them away! These are super easy too and effective with an elecretic light or a ordinary candle. Full article here:

4. Floating Ghost Tin!

Loving these little ghosts, the article did paint the black in glow in the dark paint, this might not be so necessary and still look great. Full article:

5. Ceiling bats

I mean, things really couldn't get any easier at this point! Check out for the low down!

Be sure to tag us on @upcyclehongkong if you decide to make any of your own decorations!


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