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Upcycle with drawer handles: ways you didn't think of!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Drawer pulls are easy to install and so versatile. So of course, we just think about replacing our drawers and cabinets but here are just a couple of ideas that may catch your eye!

1. First off, let's address the picture above. Have an old picture frame knocking around? Such an easy and effective way to creative some coffee table styling. You could insert a wallpaper sample, a fave tea towel, lace, get mirror cut to fit or even paint something special. The outer frame can be painted or sprayed in any colour or detailed with gold leaf, sanded down, distressed and topped off with drawer handles. Generally, the handles that have long screws on the side can be cut down with wire cutters (there will be some tutorials & advice online) but alternatively there are some in which can just be super glued on so even better and no drilling!

(Image Credit: Erin Michael)

2. Jar handles. I love this! Another great way to also re-use some jars or containers we may have around the home. Jars can be painted, sprayed or try out découpage!

(Image Credit: Design Sponge)

3. A curtain rail surprisingly does change up a room a lot although up high and mostly hidden. Recently, I spray painted a curtain rail in my spare room, to be honest, I wasn't 100% sure what it was going to look like but it was initially black and I sprayed it gold. It actually really gave the room a different feel and I was pretty pleased with it! Time to add on some drawer pulls on the ends ...!

Again, this easily super glued on, I would say depending on the rail as some already have a screw thread available.

(Image Credit: Home Depot)

4. Having these little racks around the house are so useful for coats, keys, umbrellas, jewellery, scarves, handbags & more. The nice thing about making this yourself is you can choose how big, how many handles, what colour and just really customise it for your home and creative a little statement piece.

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